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Vineyard Manager


Lee & Adriana Alegre

The heart of any winery program is the vineyards. At Laraneta we believe that the grapes make the wine. So to us, our Vineyard Manager is a true VIP.

From the beginning, Lee Alegre has been managing our vineyards. He is ultimately responsible for the quality of our grapes. Since Laraneta wines are made from estate grapes exclusively, until the harvest is completed and the grapes delivered to the winery, Lee and his wife Adriana are indispensible.  

Lee began his career in 1998, just as we were planting our vineyards and has guided them into the production of some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese and Vernaccia to be found anywhere in the world. He graduated from Cal Poly with a Degree in Crop Science. His knowledge and love of farming is evident in every vineyard he manages. His reputation for personalized service and commitment to the vines and his clients is invaluable to us.

 The grapes are ripening toward harvest in the summer heat.

Along with his wife Adriana, Lee's challenge is to grow superior quality fruit year after year. Working hand in hand with our winemaker, Signe Zoller, Lee nurtures our grapes to meet Brix, TA and Ph levels that will ensure our wines achieve the quality we insist on. Their unshakeable good humor in times of stress, flexibility, experience, and attention to detail, make Lee and Adrieana not only appreciated but an integral part of our vineyards and our wines.

A view of our vineyards after harvest, 2005. The Sangiovese block is directly ahead, the Merlot off to the right. In the distance you can see our olive trees (upper left) and the hills of Atascadero in the background.

One of our spectacular Central Coast sunsets seen from the front porch of Honey Oak House.