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Hello! My name is Peaches and I'm a puppy. Well, let me clarify that. I'm not really a puppy any more but my Mom calls me her Wonder Puppy. I try to show her that I am grown up now and can bark for myself but it's no use. So, I've learned to live with the puppy part and besides, it gets me treats.


If you wonder how I came to be named Peaches I can say it wasn’t my choice. I think it was my Mom who said the small beige markings on my ears and back made her think of peaches in cream. Anyway, that is my name and to tell the truth, I like the Wonder Puppy part, too.

peaches at honey oak house and laraneta vineyards

Peaches is second from left...


Now maybe you think I’m like one of those city pups who loafs around all day but you’d be wrong. I have a job to do just like you do. I get up with Mom and watch to be sure she brushes her teeth and washes up like she is supposed to. People have to do these things every day which is a good reason to be a dog! Once she is done we go downstairs and I go outside for a good sniff and piddle before breakfast.


Peaches is third from left...

I am a very patient puppy. I lie in the sunlight from the dining room windows and wait for my Mom to finish her breakfast. I do this because I know she will save a bite for me. Moms are good that way. Once I’ve had my breakfast treat I head outside and there is a lot of it, believe me.

Peaches is on the left...


There used to be big tall plants – Mom called them ugly weeds – all over the place. It was a lot of fun to hop up and over and through them, making little nests to hide in. Well, Mom is not a weed person so they “had to go” and in their place they put in lots of big sticks and wires and planted little leafy green things that grew and grew. You know what they turned out to be? Grapes. They are all over the place and the worst part about it is that I’m not allowed to eat them. Life can be tough for a dog.

Peaches in the weeds, March 2000


Usually I walk around our home, Honey Oak House. It used to be muddy but now we have grass. I remember one day a big truck came and out fell piles of grass. It was too high to walk on. Soon some men came and Dad and the men started taking the piles apart and putting them down on the ground around our home. Mom and I watched from the porch for a long time. Finally I decided it was time to have a look – to be sure things were being done right. It took only a few steps to know that this was what had been missing. It smelled wonderful and felt wonderful. Wow can I run on grass! I can roll on grass real good, too. I just love grass, don’t you?

After harvest, Peaches takes a bath

Anyway, enough about grass. I’m too busy to spend much time playing. I have to patrol the house and look for things. I can’t tell you what things to look for, this is the part of the job that is tough. You just have to look. Sooner or later some thing will be there and you will know it and you must bark. Sometimes it is a bird, sometimes a car or truck with people inside. Sometimes it is a noise. Barking is a hard job but someone has to do it.

harvesting grapes with peaches

Peaches & Daphne before grass


We get a lot of visitors at our home because it is a B&B. My job is to check out their cars. Cars are full of smells – more smells than people – and they are especially smelly underneath and on their tires. I always give these a thorough smelling each time the car comes just to be sure.

peaches at laraneta vineyards

Dad playing with me when I was a puppy

My days are busy but I still take a break now and then. My favorite thing to do is lie in the sun on one of our porches. Sometimes I fall asleep but eventually I have to get back to work. Someday I’ll retire and lie in the sun all day long!



Peaches lying in the grass sunning herself

My work doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. At night I have two major jobs to do: I have to remind Dad not to forget to give me a bite of his dinner and I have to help Mom and Dad watch TV. Now, sometimes Dad just ignores me about the bite but I know if I keep it up he will remember, so I do. The TV is a bigger problem.




Peaches watching t.v.

Dad doesn’t understand my TV job. He thinks I should just sit and watch like he does. He doesn’t understand that I have to warn him about the animals. I can see them right there but he doesn’t seem to know they could get out. I bark and bark, to tell them to stay where they are. Sometimes I have to growl too when something strange happens. Do you know that people don’t fly? Mom and Dad would miss lots of stuff if I didn’t warm them. TV is a lot of work!

By the time Mom goes up to bed I’m ready! I can hardly wait for her to get the bed ready. Wow! It feels so good to curl up on the bed between Mom and Dad. Tomorrow there will be lots of things to do but in bed I sleep like a rock. Nothing moves me til morning.

That’s my life. It’s busy and fun, full of new things and people. If you come to visit I will bark at you, day or night, and sniff your tires. A treat is a good thing so you might think about that and I have toys. We could play. Hope you come soon.

Peaches Laraneta

aka The Wonder Puppy

peaches at the Honey oak House Bed & Breakfast