Benefits of Olive Oil

Laraneta Olive Oil is family owned and operated since 1998. We are proud of the olives we grow and the olive oil produced from them. After research we chose to plant four Tuscan olives on one and a half acres at our ranch in Templeton, California: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino.

Each of our olive varieties were chosen for the specific qualities they impart to our oil:

Frantoio produces a refined, aromatic and savory oil.

Leccino has a rich buttery quality.

Moraiolo is a peppery oil that has a high squalene content. (Squalene is a body detoxifier that strengthens the immune system by penetrating the cells to act as an antioxidant.)

Pendolino produces an organoleptic oil and is a pollinator for our Moraiolo. (Organoleptic qualities are those that stimulate the senses - eye, skin, nose, mouth - enhancing odor, flavor,and color.)

As a result of the olives we chose, Laraneta Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich and full bodied but not overly aggressive on the palate. It provides systematic health benefits for skin, eyes and general circulation.

We never filter or introduce additives of any kind to Laraneta Olive Oil. It is pure unadulterated and Extra Virgin.

We harvest our olives by hand in late Novemeber then process immediately at a cold press only fifteen minutes from our ranch. These methods are more costly but they insure that Laraneta Olive Oil is the best quality we can provide for our family and yours.

Our family uses our olive oil for most everything. We bake with it, trickle it over vegetables, use it with herbs in marinade, for roasting and BBQing meats, poultry and fish, rub it into potato skins and other vegetables before baking, rub it on hands and arms to ease dry skin, and of course use it for dipping with good crusty bread.