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Laraneta Family Photos

Here are some family photos. They are a bit disorganized - as some photo collections are. Laraneta is a family business so we thought you'd like to meet the family.

Melinda on the tractor attacking the weeds before planting of the grapes in, Spring 1999. Honey Oak House is in the background on the left.
Joe on the tractor in Spring, 1999, perparing ground for the planting of the olive trees. You can see the old Eucalyptis Trees that once lined the drive and the newly staked rows are in the background. 
Melinda and Joe Laraneta stepping out. New Year's Eve 1999 with Peaches, who was only 5 months old. 
Ron and Victoria with Enzo, May 2005.
Our first vintage, 2005.
 Melinda with Grandson's Joey and Enzo on their way to the Griffith Park Observatory, 2007.
 Joey and Enzo, summer 2007.
 Daphne and Amanda at Holloween, 2007. Trick or Treat!
Daughters and Granddaughters Summer 2008: from left, Kinzie, Andrea, Amanda, Daphne.
 Amanda and Kinzie on the porch at Honey Oak House, Summer, 2008.
 Joe on the line with Kevin Riley at our first bottling, November 20, 2008.
Melinda watching the labeled and foiled bottles run by on the conveyor inside the bottling truck, Nov 20, 2008.
  A view of our vineyards looking out from the porch off the kitchen at Honey Oak House. The harvest is over and the vines are turning into all the colors of fall.

One of our spectacular Central Coast sunsets seen from the front porch of Honey Oak House.